$MELON Pre-Sale (IDO)

Pre-Sale Starts: 10th September 2023 14:00 UTC (For 24 Hours)
Max Pre-Sale Supply: 125,000,000 $MELON (12.5% total supply all unlocked at TGE)
Pre-Sale Price: $0.007 (The price will be denominated in ETH based on the converstion rate at the time)
Launchpad: Only on https://melon.ooo/
Max Allocation per Wallet: 500,000 $MELON
Sale Currency: ETH


  • $MELON Token Pre-Sale is public, anyone can participate. However, there are various bonus multipliers available to earn by taking part in the JUICE Campaign.
  • $MELON token can only be purchased during the Pre-Sale (IDO) exclusively via our own website/launchpad (https://melon.ooo/). All tokens purchased during the Pre-Sale event will be 100% unlocked at TGE.
  • Unsold tokens will go back to the community treasury and be used for community incentives

Launch Timeline

Date / Time
Pre-Sale (IDO) Test net run
Thursday 7th September 14:00 UTC (For 24 Hours)
This will be a dry run of the IDO Pre-sale on the test net to help the community familiarize with the launchpad and sale.
Melon Pass Snapshot
Sunday 10th September 11:00 AM UTC
The MELON PASS snapshot will be done at this time. $MELON will be claimable before listing via our Unvest.io portal
JUICE & IDO Potion Snapshot
Sunday 10th September 11:00 AM UTC
JUICE Points & IDO Potions will be locked in at this time.
Public IDO Pre-Sale
Sunday 10th September 14:00 UTC (For 24 Hours)
Community Airdrop and token distribution
Tuesday 12th September
Just before TGE & IDO Listing, claimable via our Unvest.io portal
TGE & IDO Listing
Tuesday 12th September
Time TBA
Uniswap V3 via Arrakis.Finance

IDO Multiplier Potions

Pre-Sale Potions multiply the total $MELON purchased for users participating in the Pre-Sale.
Potions can only be earned by joining the community JUICE campaign or collecting a Melon Pass.
For example, a user with a Purple Potion (1.3x), upon purchasing 10,000 $MELON during the Pre-Sale, will receive a total 13,000 $MELON.

How to Earn IDO Potions

Pre-Sale potions will be awarded to users on the JUICE point leaderboard, depending on their percentile ranking.
JUICE Leaderboard Ranking
Potion Multiplier
Top 90%
White Potion (1.1x)
Top 70%
Yellow Potion (1.15x)
Top 50%
Green Potion (1.2x)
Top 25%
Blue Potion (1.25x)
Top 10%
Purple Potion (1.3x)
Please note, the potion you hold is subject to change as the leader board becomes more competitive, for the best chance of holding a specific potion, it is important to keep up to date with your earned JUICE points and leader board ranking.
For more information, visit: - JUICE Campaign Airdrop - Tokenomics - $MELON Token