What's done and what's next

The future of MEMECONOMY
We don't just promise, we deliver. Melon has already secured $1M from over 15 leading VCs, pre-built the platform, and signed iconic creators ready to launch their exciting Content NFT drops!

Here's how the Melon ecosystem will take shape:

Melon Pass Launched 24th May 2023

The MELON Pass NFT holders will be the first to experience the Melon Platform, and get exclusive rewards, like the $MELON token airdrop, just for being a part of the Melon Ecosystem at an early stage. You can mint a Melon Pass by visiting https://melon.ooo/.

MELON TOKEN Launching 10th September 2023

The Melon Token launch will invite more members to the Melon Ecosystem, as well as reward those who joined us early with the Melon Pass. $MELON holders will form the Melon DAO to scale and develop the Melon ecosystem.

MELON Platform & Protocol - Launched 31st August 2023

The Melon Platform is pre-built and ready to go live after the Melon Pass and $MELON token Launch! The Melon Platform will bring Content Collectible NFTs to life. Starting with an exciting Season 1 launch!

Content Collectible NFT Drops - Q4 2023

The Season 1 Content Collectible NFT drops will feature iconic memes like 'Fuck Around and Find Out', and 'Popeyes Kid'. Melon Pass Holders will get priority access to these drops!

MELON DAO - Q1 2024

Once launched, the MELON DAO will augment itself with collectors, producers, key opinion leaders, artists, creators, and many more. Accompanying this growth will ensure the MELON platform continues to offer collectors a bespoke experience with curated content, new features, and the best drops within web3. As the DAO onboards more contributors, MELON will serve as a 'honeypot' incubator and launchpad for an accelerated amount of creators and collectors migrating from web2 to web3, the possibilities are truly endless.

Scale to 100k Users

We aim to onboard over 1,000 impactful creators to the Melon Ecosystem, and with them, bring the next hundreds of thousands of new users (their fans) into Web3. Melon's goal will welcome both web3 and non-crypto natives, and invite mass adoption to the NFT Creator Economy.

Secret Future Project "Seeds" - TBA 🤫