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Invite Friends

Bring your friends and earn juice points together

Invite your friends to both get extra juice points

Invites are the best way to maximise your JUICE Points. Users who join the airdrop campaign by completing the Sign-Up task, will then receive a unique referral link and code to invite other users to join the airdrop event.
For EACH user that successfully signs up to the event via your unique invite code, and earns 2000 JUICE through Zealy XP, you will earn 1500 JUICE, and they will too!
  • For example, if you invite 10 people to sign up, you will earn a total of 15,000 JUICE (10 x 1500), and they will have also each earned 1500 upon signing up!
Melon will be using bot prevention facilities to monitor that all invites and sign-ups are legitimate. For an invite to be counted, each invited user must complete the basic sign up tasks in order to be eligible. Melon reserves the right to remove members from the event who are seen as fraudulent or suspicious.