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Discord Engagement

Engage and get involved in the Discord community to earn JUICE!
By actively engaging and interacting inside the Melon Discord server, you will accumulate XP Points by our MEE6 bot, which will be converted into JUICE through the airdrop campaign!
To join in, simply sign-up to join the $MELON airdrop event on, where you will connect your Discord during registration, then jump into Melon Discord and begin engaging and supporting the event!
By simply engaging and contributing with useful conversations in the Melon Discord, you will accumulate JUICE points via MEE6 XP.
XP can be accumulated by simply engaging in our "Main Chat" channel!
MEE6 XP will be converted to JUICE at a rate of: 0.5x
This means that, if you earn 10,000 XP in Discord, that will convert to 5000 JUICE!
Melon will be using bot prevention facilities to monitor that all accounts and engagements are legitimate, there will be specific rules in the chat to prevent spamming and botting the engagement, such as slow mode, blacklisted words/phrases etc.
Melon reserves the right to remove members from the event who are seen as fraudulent or suspicious.