MELON Platform

Visit the Melon Platform (NOW LIVE): https://app.melon.ooo/
The MELON Platform is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain that enables creators and artists to create and manage Content NFT drops. By leveraging blockchain technology, MELON revolutionizes content ownership, monetization, and distribution. It empowers creators to retain ownership, build direct relationships with their audience, and explore new monetization avenues.
Through collecting their favorite content NFTs, fans and collectors can actively support their favourite creators and connect with them like never before. This paves the way for exciting opportunities in community building and engagement, enabling a new era of creator-fan interaction.
Creating and Managing Content NFTs: MELON provides a simple yet powerful platform for content creators to mint, manage, and distribute their Content NFTs. Creators can tokenize their content such as memes and videos by simply pasting a link from their original content.
Verified Authenticity: The MELON Platform manually curates creators and content to guarantee authenticity, and protect collectors from low-quality or fraudulent offerings. This ensures a trusted environment with the highest quality content on offer for collectors.
Decentralized Curation through MELON DAO: The MELON team plans to decentralize the curation process through the MELON DAO which will actively contribute to content selection and curation, encouraging participation, creativity, and innovation. This allows the community to participate in the decision-making process, ensuring alignment with users' values and interests.
Setting a New Standard for Content NFTs: With curated content and decentralized infrastructure, and governance, the MELON Platform aims to become a leading platform for Content NFTs. It establishes new standards for authenticity, quality, and community engagement in the digital content ownership landscape.
The MELON Protocol: The MELON Platform is built upon the decentralized and permissionless MELON Protocol. It serves as the backbone, providing a robust infrastructure and unique features for creating Content NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The MELON Protocol revolutionizes content ownership, monetization, and distribution.