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The MELON Ecosystem

Melon is bringing the Creator Economy and Web3 together.
MELON is an ecosystem consisting of the MELON Platform & Protocol, MELON DAO, MELON Pass, and $MELON Token.
The MELON ecosystem is designed to empower creators and artists to mint and manage Content NFTs while allowing collectors to own the most iconic content collectibles on the internet.
The MELON Pass is the key to the entire Melon ecosystem. Holders get various rewards and benefits, including a generous $Melon token allocation, priority access to the most iconic content NFT drops, exclusive platform features, discounts, & more. Early adopters benefit the most from the Melon Pass.
$MELON token is the backbone of the Melon Ecosystem, powering the Meme Economy. The token will serve as the governance and rewards mechanism of the MELON DAO. Holders receive priority access to exclusive features of the MELON Platform, drops, preferential treatment, discounts, and more.
The MELON Platform is a community-curated platform that enables creators and artists to create and manage Content NFT drops. Creators can tokenize their content such as memes and videos by simply pasting a link from their original content.
The MELON Protocol is a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that provides all the tools needed to natively embed iconic social moments like viral memes into Content Collectible NFTs. Creators can fully customize their NFT drops with unique platform features, such as supply, utilities, IP rights, and more.
The MELON DAO is a decentralized community of creators, builders, curators, and more working together to onboard the most iconic creators and content into web3. At the core of MELON DAO's mission is the governance of the protocol, community, and platform. The MELON DAO is governed by the community with the $MELON token.