$MELON Token

The $MELON token is an ERC20 utility token that serves as the backbone of the MELON ecosystem. The token is the main governance and rewards mechanism of the MELON DAO.


The $MELON token serves as a fundamental element of the governance framework within the Melon DAO, providing $MELON holders with the power to shape the future of the protocol and paltform. Through the Melon DAO, $MELON holders can actively participate in proposing and voting on critical governance matters, including protocol upgrades, ecosystem enhancements, and the selection of delegate curators. This democratic governance structure ensures transparency, and decentralization, and enables $MELON holders to actively contribute to decision-making, creating a vibrant and engaged community within the Melon ecosystem.

Exclusive access

Melon token holders will be rewarded with exclusive opportunities within the ecosystem, including early access to exciting NFT drops and airdrops. By simply holding their Melon tokens, community members will gain priority participation in limited edition NFT releases, allowing them to collect and trade unique digital assets before the general public.


The Melon token staking rewards feature offers token holders an attractive incentive to participate in the ecosystem by providing them with regular rewards based on their staked token holdings, fostering a sense of loyalty and commitment among the community.
Through the staking rewards mechanism, users can earn additional Melon tokens simply by holding and staking their tokens, creating a self-sustaining cycle of value appreciation and incentivizing long-term token retention and engagement.