JUICE Campaign Airdrop


MELON community members who have registered and completed tasks to accumulate JUICE points during the campaign will be eligible to receive an airdrop of $MELON. $MELON tokens will be distributed proportionally based on the number of JUICE points accumulated by the community.

What are JUICE Points?

JUICE points will be used to measure the contribution of the MELON community members before the Token Launch. The more you engage, contribute, and support the Melon community, the more JUICE points you will earn, and be able to convert into $MELON token during the airdrop event.

How JUICE Points Work

Melon will airdrop $MELON as a reward to the community members who have helped or contributed to the building of the MELON ecosystem.
Participating community members who earn JUICE points during the airdrop campaign will be airdropped $MELON Token after the Public Pre-Sale (IDO) event. Melon will fairly distribute tokens by measuring the total JUICE Points that each community member earns, in proportion to the total JUICE accumulated.
For example, a member who earns 10,000 JUICE points will receive twice as much $MELON as a member who only earns 5,000 JUICE points.

Converting JUICE into $MELON

The total amount of $MELON token that a community member will receive, will be calculated using the following formula:
25,000,000 $MELON (2.5% of Total Supply) ➗ Total JUICE Points (accumulated by the community 🟰 Total amount of $MELON per JUICE Point
  • E.g. In the case, that 2,500,000,000 total JUICE is accumulated by the entire community = 0.01 $MELON per JUICE point. (This number is just an example, actual figures will be calculated at the end of the campaign)

$MELON Community Airdrop

$MELON earned by participants during the JUICE campaign will be distributed just before the TGE and listing goes live on the Uniswap DEX on Tuesday 12th September, and will be claimable via our Unvest.io portal.
A snapshot will be taken of all JUICE Points and Multiplier Potions accumulated before the TGE for the airdrop event. $MELON tokens will then be distributed proportionally based on the number of points earned by each user. The community airdrop token amount is set to 2.5% of the total token supply, totalling 25,000,000 $MELON and will be 30% unlocked at TGE, with a vesting period of 3 months for the remainder.

IDO Multiplier Potion

While earning JUICE Points, you will be featured on a leader board and automatically earn an IDO Multiplier Potion that multiplies your purchased tokens during the $MELON Pre-Sale.