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There is a Testnet available for our community to familiarize themselves with the official $MELON Pre-Sale Launchpad app before the official presale. The site will be live from 14:00 UTC on Thursday, 7th September for 24 hours to experience how the token sale will work. We would greatly appreciate our community members taking part in this test, to be able to hear feedback about the experience and answer any questions ahead of the live $MELON Pre-Sale on Sunday 10th September at 14:00 UTC.
All participants who take part in the Test-net Presale can claim 1500 JUICE Points via the Zealy task, by sharing a screenshot of their experience on the test site. Quest:
How to take part in the TESTNET Pre-Sale: 1. Connect your wallet on the Melon TESTNET site: (it will ask you to switch network to Mumbai Test Network).
2. Then get some free test MATIC at
3. Participate in the TEST SALE with your test MATIC Reminder, the TESTNET is NOT a live token launch, please ensure you only interact with our official links, and the secure links shared here in this announcement.
The real $MELON token launch will only occur on at 14:00 UTC on Sunday, September 10th, and will only be purchasable in ETH. All tokens “purchased” on the Testnet site are exclusively for testing purposes and do not hold any value.