How to Participate: $MELON Pre-Sale Instructions

Public Pre-Sale Overview:

  • Date: Sunday, 10th September
  • Time: Starts at 14:00 UTC and will be live for 24 hours
  • The $MELON token pre-sale will exclusively take place on the official $MELON Launchpad website:
  • The base currency to purchase $MELON will be ETH
  • The token will be available at a price of $0.007 per $MELON token during the pre-sale event. (The price will be denominated in ETH on the website based on the conversion rate at the time of sale)
  • Max Allocation per wallet: 500,000 $MELON
  • Max Pre-Sale Supply: 125,000,000 $MELON (12.5% Total Supply)

Purchasing the Token (Public Pre-sale)

  • The tokens will be available for purchase as an ETH/$MELON pair during the pre-sale on The $MELON Pre-sale interface will appear as follows:
  1. 1.
    Before a wallet is connected
  1. 2.
    Once a wallet has been connected
To purchase $MELON, you simply input the amount of ETH that you would like to deposit into the Pre-Sale pool, and upon entering the ETH amount, you will be shown:
  • The amount of $MELON that will be purchased at the standard price "Without bonus"
  • Your Potion Multiplier (e.g. a green potion with a 1.2x multiplier), if you have earned one in the JUICE Campaign or as a Melon Pass Holder. "IDO Potion Bonus"
  • The "Total $MELON" you will receive during your purchase, which will include any Potion multiplier added.

IDO Pre-Sale Multiplier Potion (via JUICE Campaign)

  • Only participants from the JUICE Points campaign and Melon Pass Holders are eligible for the Pre-Sale Multiplier Potion. More info.
  • A snapshot will be taken at 11:00 AM UTC on Sunday, September 10th, to lock in all Potions ahead of the Pre-sale at 14:00 UTC on Sunday, September 10th.
The multiplier potion will apply to the purchased tokens as follows:
  • The standard sale price of the $MELON token will be $0.007 (the price will be shown on the site in ETH). However, in the event that a user holds a Potion, such as a Purple 1.3x potion, this will essentially provide the user a discount during the sale, allowing them to purchase more tokens for the same price compared to a user without a potion.
  • Example: If you have a Purple Potion (1.3x multiplier), and you purchase 1,000 $MELON tokens, you will receive a total of 1,300 $MELON tokens courtesy of the multiplier, you will have effectively received a 30% discount on the standard token price thanks to the Potion Multiplier, this will be shown on the token app at the time of purchase.
Once you have entered the amount of ETH you would like to deposit into the Pre-Sale Pool, simply click “Deposit” to finalize your purchase, your profile will then show the amount of $MELON successfully purchased as “$MELON Allocation” like so:

TGE and Post Pre-Sale (IDO) Listing

  • After the pre-sale concludes, the TGE (Token Generation Event) and $MELON token listing on UniSwap V3 will happen on Tuesday, September 12th.
  • Our partner,, will facilitate the listing.
  • All Vesting schedules will begin at TGE.

Token Distribution and Community Airdrop

  • Token Distribution will take place just before the TGE and listing goes live on the Uniswap DEX on Tuesday 12th September and will be claimable via our portal.
  • This includes Pre-Sale (IDO) Participants, Melon Pass Holders, Community Airdrop Participants, and all other TGE allocation unlocks outlined in the Tokenomics.

Important Notes

  • The $MELON token can only be purchased during the Pre-Sale (IDO) via the official website No other platforms or sources will be hosting the pre-sale.
  • All tokens purchased during the Pre-Sale event will be 100% unlocked immediately at TGE and Listing on Tuesday, September 12th.
  • Any tokens that remain unsold at the end of the pre-sale will revert back to the community treasury. These tokens will be used for future community incentives.

Stay Safe

  • Always ensure you are visiting the correct website ( and beware of imposters and phishing attempts.
  • Do not trust any links or purchase offers outside of the official Melon website.

We wish every participant a successful and smooth token purchase experience. Should you have any questions or require further information, kindly refer to our official channels or get in touch with our support team on Discord.