Content Collectible NFTs

The biggest open secret in NFTs.
In the last two years, we have seen the emergence of a new phenomenon: creators selling their most iconic content as a collectible, in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) form. Content Collectibles are the biggest open secret in NFTs, they have an unrealized and untapped potential within web3. This is a new model for creators to own and monetize content while rewarding fans in a unique way.
Content Collectibles give fans access to culturally iconic moments that "broke the Internet" offering them the chance to own a piece of the internet history. Along with moments and content from their favorite creator or artist.
However, despite the success of the sales displayed above, the potential of Content Collectibles has yet to be fully realized, this is just the beginning of a much much bigger wave to come.
There are many reasons behind this. Most of these NFT drops happen in a one-off and inconsistent manner without a coordinated approach, because no single platform has the technical tools or serves this purpose specifically to convert iconic social content to NFTs in a composable, secure, secure, and easy-to-use environment.
Additionally, there is almost no healthy secondary volume on these assets, as there is no dedicated infrastructure or ecosystem for collecting and trading them.

This is where MELON comes in 🍉

The internet is overflowing with incredible content, like iconic memes and music videos, but very little of it has been monetized or converted to collectible NFTs. Creators spend a lot of time and energy creating iconic content that their fans will love, but the content is just put on a shelf and forgotten about as they strive to create new content for algorithms and stay relevant. It's almost like owning the Mona Lisa and putting it away to gather dust. The potential is considerable, yet unconsidered.

Content collectibles change the game for Creators and Fans.

If you see an iconic piece of internet history or a social moment from your favorite creator, why not own it?
Web2's biggest loss was for creators and musicians who didn't exist because they didn't have any way to go to market or those who didn't thrive due to revenue limits. Monetization was based on attention, it only generated revenue when a song/video was played, regardless of the fan's direct interest in the creator's art.
Web3 monetizes on passion: digital scarcity through tokens, and allows creators to capture the already proven willingness to pay from loyal fans. Providing an unprecedented level of user interaction and incentive. We help creators build communities around their products, and fans are an important part of that.
Upgrading the creator economy by tokenizing digital media with Content Collectible NFTs, eliminates intermediaries and enables creators to build their own economies, where they can directly monetize, co-own and create a direct relationship with their community, while still making the most of traditional social media.
Creators retain 100% ownership and control of their work and brand. They can offer their supporters and communities a better understanding of how they earn money with authenticity. Fans can also share in the future success of creators, have the chance to support them early on in their journey, and even collaborate or interact with them more directly.