Airdrop for Melon Pass Holders

Exclusive Rewards for Melon Pass Holders

A total of 30,000,000 $MELON Token (3% total supply) has been allocated to Melon Pass Holders. They will have the best share of the $MELON Token Airdrop, with the community airdrop event only being allocated a total of 25,000,000 (2.5% total supply).

To be eligible to receive the Melon Pass airdrop you must own and be holding a Melon Pass NFT at the time of the Melon Pass snapshot, which will occur at 11:00 AM UTC Time on September 10th, 3 hours before the token Pre-Sale (IDO) begins. The Melon Pass Holder allocation (initial unlock amount) will be claimable via our portal just before the TGE and listing goes live on Tuesday 12th September.

Those who purchase a Melon Pass (Supply limited to 777) will be eligible to claim an exclusive airdrop of 36,000 $MELON tokens per pass, vested according to the Tokenomics schedule. Buying a Melon Pass and collecting the airdrop will be the cheapest way to get the token AND enjoy additional holder benefits.

Remaining tokens from the Melon Pass allocation will be awarded to those who earned an 'OG badge' by purchasing a Pass before 29th June 2023.

To be eligible to receive the Melon Pass airdrops you must own and be holding a Melon Pass NFT throughout the event, during which, a snapshot will be taken.

Melon Pass Holders can also earn additional JUICE points and participate in the community airdrop campaign to further maximise their claim.

Melon Pass holders will also be eligible to take part in the Pre-Sale with a guaranteed 1.3x multiplier 'Potion Multiplier', no grinding necessary!

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