MELON Protocol

The MELON Protocol is a decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers a range of features to empower content creators and artists in the creation, management, and monetization of their Content NFTs. Here are the key features of the MELON Protocol:
Creator-Owned Smart Contracts: The MELON Protocol empowers creators with full ownership and control over the distribution and sale of their collectible NFTs. By deploying their own smart contracts, creators define parameters such as limited editions, exclusive access, and rewards for supporters. This gives creators full control over their digital assets, creative process, and communities.
Built on Ethereum: The MELON Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the security, scalability, and existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem.
ERC 721 Token Standard: The MELON Protocol utilizes the ERC-721 token standard, which ensures interoperability and composability within the web3 ecosystem. This allows Content NFTs created using the MELON Protocol to seamlessly interact with other decentralized applications and platforms.
Content Storage on IPFS: The MELON Protocol saves content using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Storing content on IPFS ensures immutability, even if the content on the original platform is deleted or cancelled. This guarantees that the content associated with the Content NFTs remains accessible and permanent.
Integration with Web2 Social Media: The MELON Protocol integrates with popular web2 social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. This integration allows creators to leverage the power of web3 while continuing to create content for web2 platforms. Creators can easily mint Collectible NFTs by simply pasting a URL link from the original platform, making the process convenient and seamless.
Natively Embedded Content: The MELON Protocol enables natively embedded web2 content by inscribing the original link into the NFT metadata. This ensures that the original content remains connected to the Content NFT, providing a complete record of the content's provenance.
Embedded Social Metrics within the NFT: The MELON Protocol embeds social interaction metrics such as publish date, views, likes, and more into the metadata of the Content NFTs. This provides full provenance and transparency regarding the social engagement and popularity of the content.
Custom Drop Mechanics: Creators have full control over various aspects of the drop mechanics, including supply, whitelist, presale, and pricing. This allows creators to tailor the launch of their Content NFTs according to their specific requirements and strategies.
Custom Royalties and Splits: The MELON Protocol enables creators to set custom royalties and splits for their Content NFTs. This facilitates easy collaboration between artists, allowing them to share revenue from subsequent sales and maintain ongoing participation in the success of their work.
Custom On-chain Smart Contract IP Rights: The MELON Protocol incorporates custom on-chain smart contract IP rights, utilizing licenses such as the "a16z can't be evil" NFT licenses. These licenses provide additional protection and transparency of intellectual property rights for creators and collectors, ensuring that their rights are properly recognized and respected.
Overall, the MELON Protocol offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that sets a standard for decentralised content collectible smart contracts. Empowering content creators to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, maintain ownership of their work, and explore new avenues of monetization and collaboration.