Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3

Melon enables creators and their communities to bridge seamlessly between web2 and web3.

Web3 and the Creator Economy

An economic shift occurred when IT giants like Google, Meta (formerly FaceBook), TikTok, and Spotify, decided to compete with traditional mass media, driving the shift from the creative economy to the creator economy. Anyone with an internet connection could make content and build a fanbase. But as this creator economy evolved, one issue began to emerge.
The centralized platforms of web2 kept the lion's share of profits. Creators could not easily, or directly monetize their content, instead relying on sponsorships, ad revenue, etc. Web2 also normalized payment in the form of likes and followers, rather than being directly from fans, despite fans being willing to pay for access and content. This has driven many creators, musicians, and their fans to explore web3 and NFT technology, as a means to claim ownership of their content, realizing their true value and potential.
Web3 enables creators to truly own and monetize their content in new ways while connecting directly with fans on a more intimate level. This allows creators and their communities to share in success together, in ways that were previously not possible.

Giving creators and fans the best of both worlds

Along with the clear advantages of Web3 platforms in comparison, Web2 platforms still hold plenty of value and importance. With millions of active daily users and potential reach, creators can still benefit by building and interacting with audiences and advertising using traditional social media.
Creators should be empowered to work seamlessly between both Web2 and Web3 and scale more than ever before. When you enable them to bridge into web3 and monetize with new revenue streams directly with their fans, creators and fans can truly have the best of both worlds. You can have your cake, and eat it too, without any catch!
A platform such as MELON, which bridges the gap for the creator economy to scale and integrate seamlessly, is highly valuable in the social creative industry because it promotes that exact vision.
Creators can invite their most loyal fans to support them on a deeper level in Web3, with monetary value or utility-based incentives, while still benefitting from having traditional fans who are just there to support, giving the power to their fans in choosing what level of relationship they desire.
Empowering creators with the tools to build their own economies allows them to collaborate with, and build deeper connections with fans, and even collaborate with other creators. It also opens new avenues of creative partnerships in the form of co-owning content, business opportunities, and sharing future success.