For Creators

Turn your social media content into Content Collectible NFTs.

Melon brings the Creator Economy and Web3 together.

Iconic social content receives a large number of visitors and admirers, daily. For the first time ever, it is now possible to convert that content into a collectible NFT, with full provenance and authenticity.
Melon is starting with Meme NFTs, by turning viral internet humor into scarce digital collectibles. The creators behind our favorite iconic meme content can now directly monetize their creations and finally receive the credit and rewards they deserve. Collectors can own and showcase authenticated meme content, elevating their significance as artistic expressions.
This reshaping of the digital content landscape allows creators to capture the true value of their virality, while fans have the opportunity to own unique and valuable digital assets. The extra integration of provenance and the ability to earn royalties adds authenticity and value to these NFTs, bridging the perfect gap between technology and culture.
Melon provides a new ecosystem for creators and Content NFTs. Drawing collectors to mint NFTs for many reasons, or trade one social moment for another. Loyal fans can also pursue a collection of iconic social moments they truly enjoy and connect with. This creates more demand for future drops.
For example, Jack Dorsey's (Twitter's founder) first-ever tweet sold as an NFT for $2.9 million. With the right formula, creators can replicate this, without intermediaries like platforms taking a large proportion of their profits.
Creators can continue creating content on their favorite web2 platforms and grow their community while seamlessly tapping into the benefits of web3 at the same time.


What is MELON?

The MELON Platform provides creators with all of the tools needed to natively embed iconic social media content, like memes, moments, videos, and more, into Content Collectibles (NFTs). Once created the MELON Platform can be used to sell their content collectibles to their most loyal fans, building a community to help them advance their careers.

As a Creator, what value does Melon provide me?

MELON enables creators to monetize their content by providing the tools to be able to easily turn any social media content into Content Collectible NFTs. With our tools and ecosystem, creators will be able to own and control all drop mechanics, smart contracts, and even rewards for fans to make each drop a truly unique and bespoke experience.

What is the difference between MELON and Opensea or SuperRare?

Compared to any other platforms/ marketplaces - MELON is fully interoperable in the Web3 ecosystem and is the only platform that provides all of the necessary tools for truly decentralized, natively embedded social media content, to be converted to content collectibles.

What happens if the social content gets deleted from the original platform or taken down?

Once minted, the embedded Content Collectible is backed up on decentralized storage (IPFS). This prevents the collectible from disappearing in the case that content is deleted on the original platform. Each Content Collectible will be fully immutable in its original form as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does MELON verify the true authenticity of creators and content?

Creators and content on the platform are curated and manually verified by MELON DAO. This ensures the authenticity of the original content.

Do I have to be the content creator/owner to be able to mint it?

Yes, in order to join Melon as a Creator, and list an NFT drop, you must meet one or both of the following:
  • You need to own the exclusive rights to the content
  • Have verified permission from the label/collaborator

What are Content Collectibles, and how do they work?

Content Collectibles are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) generated from social media content created by content creators on web2 social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. This creates an NFT from the most authenticated form of the original content source, along with the original content metadata and metrics embedded automatically into the NFT
Examples of Content Collectibles include Jack Dorsey's (Twitter's Founder) first tweet, which sold for $2.9 Million. This provides concrete evidence that there is true perceived value for some of the most iconic social moments by fans.
See here for more information.

When I drop my Content Collectible on your platform, what IP rights do holders get?

Creators have full control of the rights and licenses they wish to grant to their holders when creating the drop for their Content Collectible. They can make the choice of which rights their collectors will receive when they mint a Content Collectible.

How do you protect your creator's copyrights?

Creator copyrights are protected under our curation methods to verify authenticity, scammers and copycats can not mint their content on MELON. Outside of MELON, however, would be out of our control. We guarantee authenticity on our platform.
For more information, please see here.