What is MELON?

The web3 memevolution starts here.

Own the internet's most iconic content

melon.ooo enables you to own the most iconic content on the internet as authenticated collectible Ethereum NFTs. Own a piece of digital history!

The Melon Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the Meme Economy with Collectible Content NFT's. Melon is the only protocol & platform capable of converting iconic and viral social media content into collectible NFTs, natively.
We believe that creators deserve more for popular content, such as memes, and should be empowered to reach their full earning potential. Our ecosystem is designed to offer the best solution to truly making content collectible. This means addressing the core challenges faced by centralized web2 platforms: limited monetization, censorship, de-platforming, no true ownership of content, and creators being at the mercy of the central tech firms’ algorithms whilst fans don’t capture any value from their engagement or loyalty. Not to mention the problems rising from web3: no specialized tools available for content creators to convert their content into NFTs, low-quality drops, cash grabs by celebrities, scams, fake NFTs, low adoption, and trading volume.
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